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Cat Names – How To Choose The Best Name For Your Female Or Male Cat

Choosing a name for your cat should take some serious consideration, after all cats are more than a little special. The first thing to consider when naming your cat is, it should be easy to pronounce and should roll off the tongue. When you introduce your new feline family member to your friends, you don’t want them struggling to pronounce or remember your cat’s name. It should also reflect your cat’s gender, you can save yourself a lot of frustration of correcting people when they refer to your male cat Jiji as a she, for example. Fluffy and Ginger just aren’t male cat names.

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Please make the name public-friendly, you don’t want to turn bright red in the vet’s waiting room while your cat’s name is being called out loud. It may be funny and humorous in the privacy of your own home, but giving your female cat a name that’s a play on words might prove embarrassing later on, like when she’s escaped and you have to call for her around the neighborhood (oh, the looks you’ll get). Girl cat names should be chosen with pride and respect in mind.

It can also be an annoyance when visitors shorten the name, for example your cat’s name is Victoria and your friend shortens it to “Vicky”or “Vic.”These kinds of nick-names end up sticking, and it’s heart breaking to see your kitty respond to a name you hate. However, Tinkerbell shorten to Tink is cute, and it is said that cats better respond to one or two syllable names rather than really long names e.g.  a first name that’s three names long. It may look dignified on paper, boy cat names like “Sir Weston Windsor”but are you going talk to him using his full name? Will he even respond to his pompous name? Well, he is a cat, he just might.

Keep the name original and clever. Female cat names like “Princess”& “Mittens”are all too common, you can run the risk of your pet getting mixed up at the vet’s office. Your cat is unique and has a personality all its own, taking some time before christening him/her is perfectly fine. There has been incidences where owners have named their cat only to have said cat refuse to respond, so your cat does have a say in what they will be called. A cat I once knew went through about five names before she was satisfied with “Humus.”So take your time and be patient.

In the end is really up to you and your precious feline what name you will be giving him/her, keep in mind these are only suggestions to make your decision easier, and not some rules to follow. But, be warned if your kitty doesn’t like the name you’ve chosen, he/she will let you know, you’ll be getting the cold shoulder. If you need some inspiration, here are a few unique names mixed with the most popular cat names:

Dove, Ash, Grayson, Mouse, Lynx, Beetle, Butler, Crow, Tiger, Hades, Java, Jinx, Ko-Ko, Mystery, Nox, Pearl, Blanca, Opal, Piper, Baby-Kitty, Mr Whiskers, Marbles, Wednesday, Dali, Tabitha, Bronte, Atticus, Romeo, Brownie, Widget, Miracle, Levi, Max, Sebastian, and Poe.

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If you need more inspiration, look to your favorite authors, poets, artists, actors, musicians, fictional characters, favorite foods, gems, teams, colors, states, streets etc. Can you speak a foreign language? Try there. You can find ideas in the arts, nature, food & drinks (whisky) pop-culture, anywhere and everywhere it just takes time and imagination and maybe a few trials before you and your kitty find the “purfect” name (sorry couldn’t resist).

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it’s one of their more endearing qualities. So be feline and prowl this website’s pages.

Male Cat Names – Best Cat Names For Boys

male cat names

While it may be easier to conjure up a name for female cats, I think male cat names should get some extra consideration anyway. Too many times have male cats been automatically assumed to be female, often referred to as she.

“Wow, she’s pretty.”

“Thank you, he is pretty handsome.”

Thankfully most cats can’t understand human-speak, otherwise they’d be suffering many blows to their male egos (although some times I suspect they actually do understand…). Giving them a good strong masculine name would make up for the gender confusion. Heroic names are often the best (just an opinion), like Samson, Apollo, Conan, Odin, Paris, Zeus, or Pan for starters. Taking into consideration their physique, some definitely can’t be confused with their female counterparts. Others, however, have a slender and graceful manner, making it difficult to discern gender. If you think he doesn’t mind (and you don’t either) neutral names like Cricket, Harley, Juju, Bailey, Corey, Soot, and Noodle/s would be perfect options. Just make sure you introduce him as “This is Bailey, my boy cat.”Otherwise you’ll be forced to correct your guests.

No matter the gender, one thing is for certain, all cats are unpredictable and one-of-a-kind. If you’re on the rebound don’t make the mistake most do and give your last cat’s name to your new cat. Take your time to appreciate your new guy’s special qualities and give him a name that suits him. Give a new breed or mixed breed a chance, and don’t think that all breeds share the same personalities. It’s also wise to give yourself some time before you pick a new furry family member, if you’ve lost a beloved pet. And take your time picking your new fella’s name, he deserves special consideration.

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Besides heroes from mythology, you can look to comics for heroic names. Marvel and DC comics are all too popular these days, though you may not want to name your little guy “Iron Man”how does “Tony”or “Stark”sound? You can also borrow from the famous turtles, Donatello, Rafael, Michelangelo, or Leonardo. If you’re a big gamer, you might like Link, Mario, Master-Chief, Sonic, Cloud, Ash, Togepi, or Barnett. If you’re an avid sports nut, you can pick your favorite team’s player A-Rod, Russell, Tebow, MJ or whoever is your all-time favorite athlete, Ali, Sugar-Ray, Tiger, Shaun or Hawk. The possibilities and choices are endless.

I once helped a friend name her cat, after we exhausted a long list of boy cat names, I noticed this little fella kept getting up on his haunches and boxing her other pets (a small dog and another cat), and then it hit me, “Tyson”the name stuck. Cat names for boys can be really fun to come up with, all it takes is some time and observance. Some of the best names I’ve seen came from literature like Poe, Wordsworth, Frost, Oscar, Emerson, Moby, Ishmael, Pip, Dorian, Atticus, Scout, Snape, Doby, Bilbo, Samwise, and Frodo.

You can also look at famous cats for naming ideas as well. There’s Felix, Garfield, D.C., Morris, Bill, Sylvester, Heathcliff, Tom, Top Cat, Krazy Kat, Eek, or Mooch. If I ever get a large grey tom, I think “Thor”would be the ideal male cat name, I admit that sometimes I’ll just name the male cats of my neighborhood just for fun, there’s “Mustache Kitty”a multi-colored cat whose coloring gives him a mustache, there’s “Tom-Cat”a huge grey tom, there’s no mistaking that guy for a female, and Kyo an orange tabby that reminds me of an anime character. When you look at all the factors, personality, coloring, breeds, or other categories, you can come up with amazing and unique names your male cat will proudly don.

Female Cat Names – Best Cat Names For Girls

female cat names

If you’ve just adopted a new little girl kitty and you’re looking for female cat names to choose from to find that perfect name for her, it can be a little overwhelming at first. It might be better to spend a few days mulling it over before you make the name permanent. Some cat owners will even pick a name well before adoption, that may be unwise for a few reasons. Every cat has its own singularity, temperament, and nature. There’s also her physical traits as well to consider. Let’s say, for example, you’ve chosen the name “Fuzzy-kitty”because you’ve pictured a big fluffy long-haired kitten. However, you fall head over heals with a short-hair-tiger-striped cat, and you’ve realized that “Fuzzy-kitty”won’t really make the cut as far as names, and Tiger-Lily suits her better.

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Here are some suggestions to help you find a fitting name for your cat, look to her personality. If your cat is very active and athletic, consider famous athletes such as Danica or Serena. If you find that your feline friend is passive and looks thoughtful, consider something philosophical or choose from your list of favorite authors or poets. This is especially helpful if the personality of your favorite poet matches your cat’s. If you’re an avid reader, look to your books for ideas. After spending some time with your new furry family member, think of who she reminds you most in the world of literature. If you’re going for originality, research the names that are native to your geographical area (or your favorite place in the world), Mosi (Navajo for cat),  Akela (Hawaiian for noble) Cho (Japanese for butterfly) or Seda (Armenian for forest spirit).

It should be all about finding a name that fits her, while it’s tempting to pick a name that means so much to us, it’s not our name, it is hers. So, it needs to fit her, otherwise what’s the point? One other thing you can consider as well, is her breed, after doing some research on where she originated from, you can use her roots for inspiration. A good name for a white long-haired Persian may be “Astera”which means star, or “Amitis”a famous persian queen from 559 B.C.E . Speaking of stars, you can also look to astronomy too, after all cats do have a center of the universe attitude. 

Girl cat names are the easiest to come up with for most owners, maybe it’s because cats are very graceful, and sophisticated. Plus feline has a feminine ring to it. Some common cat names for girls are, Princess, Ginger, Kitty, Chloe, and Misty. If you want to avoid clichéd names, but, if you think “Princess,”for example, fits your kitten’s attitude, you can grab a thesaurus or do an internet search for princess in different languages. Most cats do have a royal attitude which is why Princess may be so popular of a name for girl cats. Also, you can replace princess with duchess, countess, or milady, that still conveys royalty and attitude. I have to say a girl cat name like “milady”would be ideal, most felines I’ve had the pleasure of owning (I think they owned me to be honest) were lady-like, regal and superior. If the paw fits…

Popular Cat Names – Top 100 Cat Names

popular cat names

If you take a look at some of the most common or popular names of cats, the lists will almost always have most of the same names on them. Top cat names seem to be Princess, Max, Tiger, Shadow, Ginger, and Abby. These names seemed to be consistent over the years, they’re still on most lists of common cat names over the years. Tiger, Shadow and Ginger are no brainers, it’s pretty self explanatory why someone would chose those names. Max and Abby, however, is a little less obvious. Either way, there are several names that will keep reappearing on the top lists year after year. Some of the most popular cat names lately are Lulu, Dexter, Max, Misty, Charlie and Oliver. Probably the oldest and a traditional favorite is Mittens that is still used today.

Popular cat names of today seem to come from pop culture movies like Disney films, for example, Simba, Nala, and Tinkerbell. There is also Tigger, Milo, Oliver, Boots and Gizmo. Some trendy and suitable names are related to fur coloring like Shadow, Midnight, Crow, Cinder, Java and Ebony for black cats. Favored white cat names seem to be Snow, Frost, Casper, Cloud, Cotten, and Ghost. Some grey colored favorites are Smokey, Ash, Grey (or Gray), Silver, Soot, Dusty, Earl Grey and Gracie. Ginger, Buttercup, Cheddar, Cheetah, Cinnamon, Amber, and Curry are great favorites for orange furred kitties.

If you have a pair of cats, it’s fun to name them after famous couples or siblings, Luke & Leia, Thor & Loki, Clark & Lois, Thelma & Louise, Mickey & Minnie, Lady & Tramp, Duchess & Thomas, Kirk & Spock, Holmes & Watson, Romeo & Juliet. If you’re feeling creative there’s also famous pairings like Salt & Pepper, Whiskey & Soda, PB & Jay, Peas & Carrots, Sugar & Spice, Snickers & Doodle, and Milk & Honey.

Make Your Own List Of Top 100 Cat Names

No matter where the inspiration comes from, sometimes the name just comes to us as if by divine intervention, as if it just fits. We may want to name our cat something unique or rename a older cat we’ve adopted, but sometimes, cats have a mind of their own (well, okay all of the time) and they won’t respond to a name that they feel doesn’t suit them. Common or unique, popular or trendy, cat’s names are chosen in the strangest of ways. Here are some lists of popular kitty names, female and male are mixed in together.

Top 10 Cat Names:











Top 100 Cat Names (most recent)



























































































Funny, Cool and Cute Cat Names

cool names for cats

So, you just got a little kitty, or adopted a new feline friend. What to name him/her? You have to choose wisely because you will have to use it over and over again for the rest of their nine lives. This is your new family member, your new baby and giving them a well thought out, solid name can be a meaningful thing. There are several avenues to explore when it comes to naming your cat and “Kitty” should not be one of them, which would get an “F” for effort. I’ve had only one cat all my life, I named her Pamela after the Baywatch actress, just because I liked that show and she was my favorite actress at the time. I wish I had put a little more thought into it because after a while I began to hate the name. If I had a do-over, I would start by looking at some cool cat names, for that extra ordinary cat that may very well be the perfect specimen to win top honors at a cat show (if only in my mind). How about some cool girl cat names like Marilyn Munroe, Pinky, Madonna, Babette, Estella, Flora, Madeline? These are pretty cat names for a beautiful feline friend. If it is a male cat, try bouncing a couple cool boy cat names around in your head like Lenny Kravitz, Hercules, Prince Charles, Leonardo, Antonio, Armani, and Clooney. Naming you cat after a famous person is most definitely the hippest way to go and is a perfect fit for that cool, confident, sexy cat.

If your cat looks like an adorable puff ball you could just kiss and cuddle forever, then cute cat names would be right up your ally. Gizmo, Honey, Bubbles, Peanut, Buttons, Milo, Candy, Pepper, Lucky, Snowflake, Pickles, Iggy, Coco or Comet are all extremely adorable pretty cat names for a female cat but are just as cute for a male cat. Why are most of these food names? Maybe because I’m hungry, let’s move on.

If you have a sense of humor, chances are your cat will too and they will need a name to match. Irony can be especially funny, can you imagine a cat name Tuna or Mickey Mouse? Some other silly cat names (celebrity cat names) in the funny running are Brad Kitt, Cindy Clawford, Flea Michele, Jude Paw, Pawdrey Hepburn and Santa Claws. One of the funniest cat names that I’ve ever come across was Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movie, which is a very viable option. Of course, there are other names such as Maybe, Shhh, Sugarfoot, Pigpen, Zorro and Trouble. If you’ve got an ugly one, let’s say with a face only a mother could love, consider the names Gremlin, Gollum, Freddy (as in Kruger), Shrek, Troll or even Fuggles. These names for ugly cats would not fit well with female cats and are more on the side of cool male cat names. Some cool girl cat names for ugly girl cats are Hyena, Yeti, Zombie or Witch. You can also go to the extreme end of funny by giving your cat a downright silly cat name like Mr. Tiddybomboms, Grandma Wrinkles, Kitler, Meow, Magnifcat, Tempurra, Twinkle Toes, Yum-Yum,  or Lil’ Scrappy. These are actual names of people’s cats. Hopefully your cat will find the humorous name you chose for him or her funny too and hopefully they will accept it and answer to it when you call them.

Of course, not everyone is into the excitement of a trendy or funny cat names and will want to take the road most travelled by choosing a some of the most common cat names for their pet. Such names as Felix, Garfield, Fluffy, Oscar, Tiger, Whiskers, Bella, Mittens, Cookie, Smokey, Shadow, Patches, Missy, Salem, Ginger, Cuddles and Socks are safe, go-to names for cat parents that love the classics. These are not only common but also some of the most popular.

To close out the list, we have to end with the most interesting cat names out there, those names that make you say “wait a minute, her name is what?” Yes, those names that the vet cannot help laughing out loud when he sees it on the patient’s docket. Those names that embody the powerful essence of your remarkable, unique cat and accurately captures their personality. Names such as Amazon; named after either the rain forest or the shopping website, Atticus; from the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Baggins; Frodo’s family name, Churchill, Elvis, Hurricane, Itchy, Kaboom, Lambchop, Miss America, Pussy Galore, Starbuck, Shamrock, Woof and Zipper.

Consider these very interesting names for your cat. Of course the list goes on, it’s practically endless because whatever name you can think of from the cute to the ridiculous, you can give the name to your cat. You can’t go wrong if you put some thought into naming your new cat, doing some quick research on cool names for cats is always a good idea, especially if you have a creativity block like I had an ended up with Pamela.

You can call your cat whatever you like. Cats don’t seem to mind us giving them names we think are cute at all, as a matter of fact, they seem to love it, at least I’ve never heard them say otherwise. So here is to getting your creative cat-naming juices flowing.

Good Cat Names – Boy and Girl Names For Cats

good cat names

From the classic, to the funny, to the downright outrageous, cat names vary based on the breed of the cat, their personality and type of owner. The choices are endless, you can name your cat anything under the sun which can be an awesome, fun thing but can also end very badly (Kitty McScratchesworth). If you had to choose from a list or make up a name on your own, which names would you consider good cat names and why? How do you choose? You can seek inspiration from the cat; feline intervention if you will. Are you getting the cat’s essence? No? Well you can try something different. Try approaching the cat-naming initiative from a more technical standpoint. For starters, you can narrow you search by formulating categories. This is of course if you have nothing else constructive to do with your time. Approach this very seriously if you are absolutely bored with your regular life. So categories, let us start with the gender of your cat, if it a she, you can make a list of good names for female cats. Angel for that sweet, angelic cat. What about Pepsi? For that spunky, fun cat. Or Cupcake for that ultra sweet, darling, girly cat (she might even have pink fur). Some other good names for girl cats are Sophie, Chloe, Sparkle, Princess, Tigerlily, Cookie, Jasmine and the list goes on. Just remember, you can’t go wrong if you name her after a dessert.

You can delve a little further into the categories of female cat names by separating the types of female cats; from the sweet to the sassy. For the sweet kitty, consider names like Lacey, Missy, Peaches, Mimi, Kiwi or Buttercup. For that cat with a little sass in their personality, you know that cat that scratches you first and asks questions later? That same cat that does her own thing and thinks that you are on her time? Some good female cat names could be Sheba, Tigress, Gypsy, Stella, Aphrodite, Jezebel and of course Sassy.

If your cat is a diva, the cat version of Mariah Carey, some good girl cat names that may fit her personality are Diamond, Queenie, Delilah, Diana, Coco, Victoria, Violet, Pashmina or Priscilla. These names are sure to remind your diva kitty that she is a treasured member of the family with a personal servant (you) to feed her, clean up all that hair she will leave on the furniture and carpet, get rid of her royal smell which is not very appealing to humans apparently and most importantly, clean her litter box.

If your cat is a male, you will have to come up with a list of good names for boy cats. My impression of male cats is that they are either tolerant of humans, very playful or passive aggressive. If you have a tolerant male cat with loads of confidence and self assurance, think about strong names like Axle, Bentley, Cosmo, Cyrus, Garfield, Giovanni, Oliver, Adonis and Romeo. If he is a very playful one, some good male cat names could be Ace, Charlie, Mittens, Lucky, Milo, Patches, Peppermint, Riley, Scrappy, Skittles, Boots, Comet or Whiskers. What about that sneaky, passive aggressive cat, you know, the one that steals? A list of good boy cat names could include Lucifer, Dexter, Diablo, Mystic, Shadow, Ninja, Joker, Trouble, Achilles, Clyde or Felix.

The rule of thumb really is that names that are modern, cool and hip names for babies will generally make good names for cats. This rule is by no means restrictive; you can actually name your cat any random ridiculousness that pops into your head, all for some self-amusement and at the expense of your cat’s embarrassment. It’s not that serious. Whatever the personality of your jungle king (or so he believes) you can always find good names for male cats by using their characteristics as a guide.

If nothing I’ve suggested here works for your kitty, you can always make up something you and your cat both like. You can dissect the categories of cats further if you wish (most likely you won’t) by the breed of the cat to determine the best name fit. In the interest of time and also not seeming like the crazy cat lady or man (which you probably are if you’re reading this article), keep the process simple when attempting to name your cat. At the end of the day, the only person that will really appreciate the name is you….and your cat………maybe.

Great Cat Names – Best Unisex Cat Names

great cat names

The name chosen for a cat should represent who the cat is, the name should match the personality. It won’t always fit, one reason is because cats can be so darn cute as kittens and morph into something completely different looking as adults.  Usually though, a cat will grow into its name unless you have a fat male cat named Tinkerbell, that’s just cruel. Have you ever heard a cat name and thought WOW, that’s an awesome name for a cat? Let’s look at the great cat names that are most popular and maybe you can reserve one for you next furry friend.

  • Felix
  • Mittens
  • Whiskers
  • Shadow
  • Snowflake
  • Kitty
  • Tiger
  • Smokey
  • Gizmo
  • Sox
  • Fluffy
  • Ginger
  • Milo
  • Coco
  • Patches
  • Boots
  • Salem

There are also some awesome cat names that step outside the boundaries of normalcy, out of the realm of boredom, falling on the side of fun and whimsy. Some of the best cat names come about by putting a kitty spin on regular words or names such as:

  • Mr. Meowgi
  • Purrsnickitty
  • Bing Clawsby
  • Kitty Purry
  • Sabbath (for a black cat)
  • Cat Benatar
  • Paul McCatney
  • Great Catsby
  • Bob Scratchit
  • Catsy Cline
  • Catti Labelle
  • Ebefleazer Scrooge
  • Jude Paw

Some of the best names for cats probably came to life from random spurts of thought. They generally have little to do with the cat’s character and are more about getting a chuckle every time you have to call the cat. These cat names also tend to represent things such as food, movies, countries, singers that have some meaning to the owner. Such names include:

  • Skittles
  • Bean Bag
  • Banana
  • Tempurra
  • Sugar Britches
  • Orange Juice
  • Kitty Gaga
  • Big Shorty
  • Rum Tum Tugger Too
  • Sexy lady
  • October Sky
  • Wangsta
  • Dong Dong

One of the first things to consider when choosing a name for your cat is the gender, of course this is not set in stone and it’s hilarious to name a white, fluffy, adorable female cat Miss Stinky Butt. I have outlined below a list of cat names based on gender.

Some of the best female cat names:

  • Molly
  • Blossom
  • Cookie
  • Cleopatra
  • Bella
  • Dutchess
  • Ivy
  • Foxy
  • Nala
  • Zelda
  • Stella
  • Fancy

Generally, the best girl cat names are short and sweet, cute and very feminine, easily rolls off the tongue and easy for your cat to get used to.

Some of the best male cat names:

  • Toby
  • Oliver
  • Garfield
  • Tigger
  • Harley
  • Oreo
  • Simba
  • Felix
  • Gus
  • Lucky
  • Smokey
  • Turbo

Typically the best boy cat names like the ones above are short and snappy, fun and playful. How many male cats do you know of with these names?

There are also cat names that are used for both male and female cats. Some of the most popular unisex cat names are:

  • Alaska
  • Biscuit
  • Bubbles
  • Bunny
  • Champagne
  • Cotton
  • Hershey
  • Onyx
  • Pickles
  • Snowball

What are the best cat names out there? They are the ones that are best for YOU and your cat. Whichever name a pet owner selects, it should be one that they can live with as the cat will be stuck with it for the duration of his or her life.

Unique Cat Names – Unusual, Clever and Creative Cat Names

As wide as the variety in the breed and color of cats, there are just as many unique cat names to call them by. Not all cats were created equally and so it is only logical to differentiate cats by their names. These names come about from all types of concepts from the meaningful to the crazy, to the bizarre. Most often, there is a differentiation by gender although there are lots of unisex names. There are so many clever cat names to choose from or even create your cat. The creative possibilities are endless. Let’s get to the fun list of 10 of the most original and unique names for cats that exist. Yes, people actually gave their cats these names because nowadays, names like Kitty, Whiskers, Fluffy and Mittens are so old-fashioned.

Unique Male Cat Names:

  1. KITLER – This cat with a black mustache much like Adolf Hitler, was a rescue and was originally “the cat from hell” as the owner puts it, untamed and aggressive. It was later discovered that the cat was allergic to catnip which was the cause of the crazy behavior and once they took that away, the difference was night and day. Even though Kitler is now a gentle, sweet soul, the name remained.
  2. RIGOR MORRIS – Funny story, the parents of Rigor Morris took him on a trip to Virginia in cold weather where the husband quipped that he hoped that he wouldn’t find the cat frozen to death after rigor mortis set in. This gave birth to the name and it just stuck.
  3. SQUEEGLE – This cat was named after the sound a windscreen wiper makes when wet. When the owner heard this name again as one of the main characters in one of her favorite TV shows, she thought it was fate. Squeegle, originally a stray cat, is now a part of a family which loves him dearly.
  4. THOR – Thor is a grey cat which the owner believes resembles a storm cloud. Quite frequently, storm clouds cause lightning and thunder and since Thor is the God of Thunder and Lightning, the name is perfect. This is one of the most original cat names in terms of depth in meaning and is so completely fitting.
  5. BEETLEJUICE – This unique boy cat name was created when a lady went to visit her friend who had a new black kitten for a week and still hadn’t named him. The show Beetlejuice came on and in excitement she shouted out the name and that was it.

Unique Female Cat Names / Unique Girl Cat Names

  1. JEMIMA PUDDLE DUCK – So named for the foster mom Jemima’s love of Peter Rabbit. Jemima the cat also has siblings named Benjamin, Tabitha, Mittens and Peter. It was love at first sight for the owner and Jemima Puddle Duck still sleeps with her every night.
  2. PRETISHI – The owner sneezed and it sounded like that, so she decided to name the cat Pretishi. True story. One of the most unusual cat names if you ever heard of one.
  3. TOOTSIE – Named after, you guessed it, a tootsie roll candy. Why? Because that happens to be the owner’s favorite candy. As candy makes you energetic and happy, the name Tootsie also perfectly describes the cat who is playful and hyper.
  4. AQUA – This Turkish Angora has one green eye and one blue eye, colors which represent the sea, hence the name. Aqua is a very affectionate, gorgeous cat with soft white fur and the owner couldn’t be happier to have rescued her from a shelter.
  5. KITTY-CATICUS – This fierce feline defends her owners’ home like a gladiator. No stranger gets in or out without a fight.

As you can see, pet owners can really come up with some very creative cat names. Rest assured, duplication will be few and far between. How many of these unusual cat names have you heard before? It’s the first I have ever heard of them myself. Some of the names have deeper meaning; the owners really put some thought into it. Some were created out of whimsy or even a joke. Despite being assigned to female or male cats, feminine sounding names can make very unique boy cat names, just the same that masculine names can make highly unique boy cat names. The name really doesn’t have to represent anything philosophical, it can also be lighthearted and totally fun.

Black, White and Grey Cat Names

black and white cat names

For black, white or grey cats, there are some pretty standard names that are usually given. There are many new, unique, fun and fitting grey, black and white cat names available for your new pet. Let’s start with black cat names which usually take the form of something evil or spooky, the stuff of scary movies and stories. These names for black cats usually correspond with either their color or the spooky, scary or mysterious elements the color symbolizes.

Black cats stand out in the feline world and have varying shades from dark, blue black to even a dusty black, all which are equally stunning. The list below should provide you with inspiration for naming your raven haired kitty. You will be sure to find a number of female black cat names to choose from along with black cat names for male cats and even unisex names.

These are some of the most common cat names for black cats:

©      Ace, Asher, Asphalt

©      Bowtie, Batman, Beetlejuice

©      Charcoal, Checkers, Coffee

©      Dracula, Decker, Dice

©      Ebony, Eight Ball, Eclipse

©      Fudge, Felix,

©      Gloom, Gotham, Gloomy

©      Hershey, Halloween, Heat

©      Indigo, Inky, Isis

©      Jet, Jinx, Juju

©      Kettle, Kuro, Kinky

©      Licorice, Lucifer, Latex

©      Midnight, Magic, Mystic

©      Ninja, Noir, Nighmare

©      Onyx, Omen, Oreo

©      Phantom, Penguin, Pitch

©      Raven, Rider, Rocker

©      Spider, Smokey, Smudge

©      Tar, Twilight, Taboo

©      Undertaker, Unlucky

©      Voodoo, Vanish, Velvet

©      Wednesday, Wicked, Wizard

©      Xara

©      Yin

©      Zorro, Zebra

There are few things as stunningly beautiful as a white haired cat. The color is symbolic of cold temperatures, purity, innocence, reverence and peace. That’s the general impression we get when we look at a pure, white cat. I have outlined below a selection of names for white cats. You can choose from this, female as well as male white cat names but as is trendy nowadays, you can also assign white male cat names to a female cat and vice versa or find a suitable name that can go for both genders.

©      Alaska, Angel, Ashes

©      Blizzard, Blanco, Bone

©      Chalky, Coconut, Cottonball

©      Diamond, Domino, Dice

©      Eve, Eggshell, Everest

©      Faith, Frosty, Flake

©      Ghost, Gardenia, Glow

©      Harlow, Halo, Hope

©      Ice, Icicle, Ivory

©      Jasmine, January

©      Krystal

©      Lily, Lux, Lunar

©      Magnolia, Milky, Marshmallow

©      Nurse, Noodles

©      Oleander, Opal, Oyster

©      Persia, Pearl, Powder

©      Qtip, Queen

©      Ritsy, Royal, Rice

©      Shimmer, Smoke, Sky, Snowball

©      Tic Tac, Talcum

©      Vanilla, Vodka, Vanna

©      Winter, Wonderland, Whisper

©      Yang, Yuki, Yeti

©      Zuri, Zora

For those cats whose color falls between the shades of black and white, there are awesome grey cat names that will suit them well. Whether it’s a male or female, here are some unique cat names for grey cats especially.

©      Ashes, Ashley, Ashton

©      Blur, Blotches

©      Cinder, Cobalt, Cloud

©      Dusk Gray, Dime, Dusty

©      Ember

©      Fog, Foggy, Frosty

©      Gray, Gunsmoke, Graphite

©      Hazy, Humble

©      Inky

©      Jefferson

©      Kobweb, Karbon

©      Misty, Mercury, Mink

©      Nimbus

©      Olympuss

©      Roof, Rocky Raccoon

©      Soot, Silver, Sterling

©      Thunder, Tin Tin, Tornado

©      Vanity

©      Wooly, Whale, Windy

©      Xena

©      Ziggy, Zane Grey

Naming a cat based on their color is the simplest way to go, the names seem to come to mind quite easily. Hopefully you will be able to identify some good names for your black, grey or white cat.

Famous Disney Cat Names – Cat Names From Disney Movies

disney cat names

Pets are just too adorable and when they come into the category of being a small little cute puppy or a kitten, the sweetness quotient truly touches sky-rocketing heights. Though dogs grow up in size and ferocity level almost too fast, it is the cats that stay almost the same throughout their life span – both in size and the traits. And if a person is a huge cat lover like me, it is for sure that the cat is going to have a name that the owner holds really close to the heart.

If I were to equate the cuteness of a cat to another cute thing, the world of Disney shall take the best spot. Could you even imagine the level of adorability in using the finest Disney cat names? We already know a lot of famous cat names from movies such as Mrs. Norris or Snowbell or Cheshire cat among many others; but do they really give off the charm compared to a Disney movie cat names? No would be the acceptable answer in every possible realm.

Doesn’t it just soothe the ear when you lovingly call your cat Simba, Mowgli, Stitch or even Tarzan? Not only do these names have a certain bold ring to them but also give off a sense of closeness. These are not just cartoon cat names, they hold a special moment in everyone’s childhood life. And sharing it with your pet strengthens it more.

Though there exists only a few actual Disney cats, every Disney character is so likable that they surely leave a mark on each single soul. Aladin, Winnie, Woody, Prince Charming, Sully and Goofy – besides being famous cartoon cat names which can easily pass the test of adorability, these names help in connecting with names easily. Who knows? The cat might even develop a few wonderful character traits owing to the character name, that would be a sight to see!

To name a famous cartoon cat, anyone from age 3 to age 90 would say Tom. But isn’t it too generic to name your cat Tom? How about being innovative with the name – like say warrior cat names to bring out the toughness – Rafiki, Shere Khan, Hercules, Zeus, Cassim and Pegasus which is surely get the adrenaline levels gushing high.

What about the pretty princesses? For the ‘lovely ladies’ out there, several girl cat names from movies can be jotted down that emanate elegancy all around – Snow White, Aurora, Tinker Bell, Daisy (Duck), Ariel, Mulan and Jasmine surely provide for the needed elegant female quotient.

It is not just about using famous cat names, it is also about the feeling and the bond that one shares and appreciates about characters and associated memories. A famous cat or not, when the name has a back story associated with it, whenever in the future we wish to travel down the memory lane, such moments when cherished surely get a broad smile on the face – a rather priceless one indeed.

How To Name Your Kitty – Cute Girl, Boy, Female and Male Kitten Names

kitten names

If you’ve just became cat guardian of a new little kitten and you are wondering what to name him/her, first just enjoy the fact you have a kitten, they grow up all too fast and there’s nothing quite like this stage, so enjoy this short phase because all too soon you’ll miss it when they’ve become lazy adults cats who no longer want to play as much. The kitten stage is by far the most cutest and active, playing with kittens can entertain even the most gruff, rough around the edges man. There is just something so peaceful about having a little kitten curled up in your lap, so enjoy this stage to the fullest and don’t be in a hurry to find a name, give yourself plenty of time, there are lots of kitten names to choose from.

Some pet owners will look to their favorite celebrity or popular characters in modern literature, TV, movies, to inspire the christening of kitty names, for example Khaleesi, Tyrion, Katness, Stark, Peeta, Bella, Edward, Castiel, Lucifer, Loki, Mrs Noris, Crookshanks, Norbert, Fang, Smaug, Bilbo, Kili & Fili to name a few. No matter what genre or era, celebrity names are always pretty common for pet names.

Irony seems to be a popular way to go too, choose names of larger wild animals like Bear, Elk, Moose, Wolf, Camel, Rhino, Panda, even Monkey would make a unique and cute name for a cat. Other animal names such as Turtle, Fish, Bunny, Piggy, or pick other cat animals like Cougar, Panther, Leo (sounds better than Lion), Jaguar, Tiger, Bobcat, and Lynx. Or go with features for an oxymoron like naming white-furred kittens Noir, Ebony, Raven, Rook, Shadow, Jet, or Coal and black-furred kittens Angel, Casper, Luna, Milk or Cream, Alabaster, Frosty, Snowy, and Opal. A stripped-cat can be named Spot, Sparkles, Paisley, Argyle, or Polka-Dot. You get the idea.

If your kitten has already developed a personality that’s all its own, use it to find inspiration for naming ideas, girl kitten names can be Cuddles if it’s affectionate, Pixie if it’s spunky, Diane if it likes to hunt and stalk (more than usual) Amiga or Amie if it’s friendly. If prefer cute kitten names, they are easy to come by, Silky, Cashew, Brownie, LuLu, Pokey, Toby, Cookie, Cupcake, Chai, Sugar-Baby, Lily, Abby, Ducky, Beans, Peanut, Bijou, and Kitty-Kat.

If you feel you kitten has style and sophistication and most cats do, but some more than others just seem to carry themselves with dignity at all times, look to old Hollywood, for example, for female kitten names like Audrey, Sophia, Brigitte, Olivia, Ava, Lana, Raquel, Grace, CoCo, Garbo, Jackie, Dior, and Elle are all classy and perfect for graceful and calm kittens. Some male kitten names that portray poise, refinement and intelligence are William, Alastor, Armand, Berkley, Valentino, Macbeth, Winston, Windsor, Baxter, and Edison.

If you are really struggling to come up with a name you like or think fits, use a cat name generator, but be wary and use it for fresh ideas. If the cat generator gives you Smokey, while cute, it’s pretty common, perhaps instead Hearth, Stoney, Fog, or Misty. Using word association can help you come up with a variety of names to choose from. Another method would be to use a menu from your favorite take out restaurant. Sushi, Yaki-Soba, Teri-Yaki, Tofu, Saki, Miso, Dashi, Nori, or Ramen make great boy kitten names and are unique.

Most Popular Kitten Names For Black, White and Grey Cats

good kitten names

If you have a new furry family member and you’re looking to give him or her a name to be proud of and as uncommon as its personality, give some thought as to what makes your feline stand out among the rest. If you are going for originality, steer clear of using celebrity names or character names in popular culture, for example Tinkerbell and Bella are very common and popular kitten names. There are new yearly lists of the most popular cat names, use it as a reference of what not to name your kitten if you want to be unique.

If you look to other languages for something new and fresh, try Latin or Greek. French is used fairly often, but Russian or Japanese are not. Some Russian names you may like, Ego, Dmitri, Evgeny, Sasha, Fyodor, Igor, Ira, and Ivan. Japanese names such as, Kiyo, Yuki, Akio, Akiko, Botan, Cho, Haru, Ito, and Mai make great names for kittens.

If you have an adorable sable-fur cat, black kitten names like Shadow, Crow, and Jet are pretty much over-used. However, Spider, Beetle, and Olive are not. While some owners will look to foreign languages for the word black or night, why not instead look to mythology for dark personas like Hades, Bael, Amon, Lucifer, Fenrir, Jinn, Hecate, Lilith, Loki, Ibis, Zagan or Pan. Mythologies in every culture, are full of villains whose names you can snag for your angelic cat.

Some good kitten names that need no color or feature to rely on, and that are original are Yahtzee, Comet, Swan, Colonel or Sergeant, Basil, Jade, Oak, Spring, Buddha, Monk, and Bug. If you have a white kitten, names like Luna or Sol are other words for moon and sun. You can use other words for white, they could be light, clear, bright, pure, etc by using similar words you can more easily come up with unique names for example, Bianca, Clara, and Cady. The stars are also bright, name you kitten after a star such as Vega, Sirius, Capella, Rigel, Arcturus, or constellations like Taurus, Orion, Cassiopeia, Leo, Crux, Lupus, Lyra, Virgo and Vela. You can also look to your bible for heroic (pure) and inspirational names like Moses, Samson, Job, Joseph, Noah, Abe (Abraham), Mordecai, Lot, Israel, Esau, and Paul.

Besides villains and heroes there’s the protagonist and antiheroes of legend, literature, history and mythos. These “grey” characters make for perfect names sakes for gray kitten names besides Blue, Silver, Marble, and Thunder. Pick antiheroes top kitten names like Dexter (TV), Don Quixote, Gollum, Gatsby, V (V for Vendetta), Batman, Robin (Hood), Hamlet, Heathcliff (Weathering Heights), Erik (Draven, from The Crow), Mad Max, Blondie (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly), etc. Literature has more than a few antiheroes to choose from, pick your favorites.

Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more cute and adorable? Even though pet owners know their little baby kitten will one day be a cat, it’s still passable to give your kitten a cutesie name, I mean it’s your pet, your family member and you can name him or her whatever your little heart desires. Some charming baby kitten names you might like to grab for your own feline are Mini-Bar, Baby Cakes, Sugar Baby, Twinkie, Tiger-Lilly, Sprinkles, and Crazy Baby.

How To Choose The Best Names For Russian Blue Kittens

names for russian blue kittens

Welcoming your new Russian Blue kitten into the comfort of your home is one of those events what make your day truly wonderful as you become filled with the entertaining task you of choosing a name for your cute kitten. Sure you can use Google and pick from a long list of Russian names for cats to find one which perfectly fits your Russian Blue, but occasionally you’ll find that a name for your feline might just pop right out of your head the minute you first look at your Russian Blue kitten.

Nonetheless whether you’re deciding to choose a new name from an adopted kitten shelter, or would like to include your family and friends in picking a suitable name, there are several intriguing ways you can pick a name for your cute cat.

Let’s have a look at some ways you can come up with some great names for your Russian Blue kitten.

One of the more popular methods to choose a name for your Russian Blue cat is to take a trip into Russian history. Most Russians have often named their kittens in memory of a beloved child or past family pet.  An example of this can be seen in the name Marina for which there are about twenty forms of the name. Choosing a a recognized family pet name for your Russian Blue kitten will make them feel right at home and recognized as a member of the family.

In spite of what you may have been told, Russian baby names are not only for Russian babies. If you look at many of the popular Russian Blue cat names today, you’ll find an abundance of baby names depending on whether you’re from Serbia, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic or another country.

Giving your Russian Blue kitten an altogether unique name is a great way to begin a conversation, especially if you’re able to get your friends and family members on board with your idea. Plan a day when you can get together family members and friends. Start over with a couple glasses of Mors and have a crazy cat-naming contest. Notably you can also name your Russian Blue kitten after a popular food such as Kasha or even after a renown entertainer such as Masha Rasputina. When you really look at it, the possibilities for finding a suitable name for your lovely kitten are endless.

One of the most fun-filled ways of naming your pet friend is to just observe their behavior. Taking some time to watch them interact with their playmates and closely monitoring their personalities can actually serve as the best inspiration for finding the perfect name for your Russian Blue kitten. Russian Blue kittens are curious, intelligent and quiet cats generally known for being friendly in spite of their shy nature. You can choose a name for your Russian Blue kitten according to their nature of getting along with children and other pets, their fierce hunting or even their ability to perform a number of tricks.

Scientific and veterinary field of study has shown that Russian Blue kittens respond to some human vocalized sounds much more than others. It may not be a coincidence that the high-pitched meow you often hear by your Russian Blue kitten is your kitten actually trying to communicate to you. Did you know that cats tend to better respond to high-pitched human voices. Ergo no wonder they tend to prefer the company of women than men. Tells you a lot, doesn’t it. When couples break-up the cats go with the women. But there’s more. Cats have been noted to respond to names containing the long e-vowel, generally pronounced “ee”. In fact if you listen closely you will notice that your Russian Blue kitten will only make that meowing sound when attempting to communicate with you, and not with other cats.

Did you know that you can find a suitable name for your Russian Blue kitten just from the color of their coat?  Russian Blue cats have silver-blue coat. When choosing name for cats with blue coat, consider such as  Aurora, Azure, Blue, Sky, Ariana.

In addition to naming your Russian Blue kitten according to the color if its coat, you can also choose a suitable name for your kitten according to its heritage. Did you know that the Russian Blue cat may have originated in the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia. Sometimes referred to as Archangel Blues it is believed that the Russian Blues were taken from the Archangel isles by sailors who transported the cats to Northern Europe and England during the 1860’s. Notably you can choose a name for your Russian Blue kitten from its rich history.

Finding ways to name your new Russian Blue kitten is a lot of fun, and there are several ways you can go about choosing a suitable name your cat will love and be proud of. Researching through the infinite number of cat names for your Russian Blue kitten can be quite exhausting. So just sit back relax and let your new feline household member provide the inspiration for fueling your creativity.

Looking For Good Japanese Cat Names?

japanese cat names

Japanese cat names make a great choice if you are looking for an original cat name. What would you consider a good cat name if you have to choose from a list of Japanese names for your cat? That depends on what you’re looking for. You can find Japanese short names, Japanese long names, Japanese cool names, and more. These names have a unique beauty in and of themselves and are even more special once you know their meaning. Japanese cat names meanings will assist you to choose the cat’s name in accordance with their personality. Choosing the right cat name is important and can be a difficult job as the name you choose can say as much about you as it does about your cat.

Take a look at the list below which includes cool, cute or sophisticated male Japanese cat names for your cat, (each name is followed by its meaning in Japanese).

Akihiko – Bright prince

Akihiro – Big glory

Dai – Great

Daiki – Great glory

Daisuke – Great helper

Hideki – Splendid opportunity

Hideo – Splendid man

Hiroki – Abundant joy

Hisoka– Reserved

Ichiro – First son

Isamu – Courage

Isao – Honor, merit

Jiro – Second son

Jun – Obedient

Juro – Tenth son

Katsumi – Self-controlled

Katsuo – Victorious child

Kin – Gold

Kioshi – Pure

Kuro – Ninth son

Makoto – Sincere, true

Masaaki – True brightness

Masaki – Flourishing tree

Michio – Man in the right path

Nao – Docile

Nobu – Faith

Norio – Man of law

Shin – Belief

Shiro – Fourth son

Below is a list of female Japanese cat names (each name is followed by its meaning in Japanese). These names are perfect for your female cat.

Aiko – Love child

Aimi– Lovely beauty

Amaya– Night rain

Asami – Morning beauty

Chie – Wisdom

Chika – Scattered flowers

Cho – Butterfly

Eiko – Eternal child

Emi – Beautiful blessing

Eri – Blessed gift

Haruki – Springtime tree

Hideko – Splendid child

Hikari – Radiance

Hiromi – Abundant beauty

Kei – Blessed, lucky

Keiko – Blessed child

Kyoko – Child of the city

Mai – Dance

Masako – Elegant child

Mi – Beauty

Michi – Pathway

Naoko – Esteemed child

Nori – Ceremony, regalia

Noriko – Law child

Rei – Spirit

Reiko – Lovely child

Ryoko – Bright child

Saki – Blossom

Yoko – Sunny child

Yori – Public servant

Yoshie – Beautiful river

There are also some cute Japanese cat names for your very cute and lovable pet. Some of these cat names with their meanings are also unisex names.

Aki – Autumn, bright

Akira – Bright, clear

Aoi – Blue

Haru – Sun, sunlight

Hikaru – Radiance

Hiro – Abundant

Hisoka – Reserved

Kaede – Maple

Ko – Happiness

Kohaku – Amber

Kou – Happiness, peace

Kyo– Apricot

Madoka – Circle, flower

Masa – Correct, splendid

Masumi– Clarity

Mitsuru – Full

Naoki – Docile tree

Nobu -Faith

Shig – Luxuriant

In choosing cats names for your special cat, the list above creates a great choice if you’re looking for cat names that are foreign (if you are not Japanese). As you review the list of names above, look for ones that sound good to you or have appropriate meanings and then try calling them out to your cat.

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