Cute Japanese Black Cat Names List: 250+ Male and Female Cat Names From Japan and Their Meanings

cute japanese black cat names list
cute japanese black cat names list

Japan is the birthplace of the lucky cat, the famous Maneki Neko. Cats have been worshiped in Japan for millennia. There is therefore no shortage of possible cute Japanese black cat names in Japan. In this post you will find more than 250 Japanese cat names for cats and kittens and their translation.
Japan is a paradise for cat lovers. There are cat cafes on practically every corner and everywhere. The lucky cat Maneki Neko waves happily at passers-by. Japan even has its own island on which cats live almost exclusively.

But like many things in life, the love of cats in Japan also has a dark side: older cats are often replaced by younger animals by many Japanese because they find them cuter. Of course, this does not apply to all Japanese and there are also animal lovers in Japan who condemn this practice.

Basically, Japanese love their cats as much as we do. This also shows the variety of possible, quite creative cat names in the country. Japanese cat names are popular for a reason, and by no means only among anime fans. Many who want a Japanese name for their cat simply love Japanese culture or have ancestors in the country.

Do you want your cat to have a Japanese name? Are you looking for Japanese cat names and want to know exactly what they mean? Then you have come to the right place: In the following list we present you 250 popular cat names in Japan and explain their meaning.

cute japanese black cat names

The 10 most popular cat names in Japan:
Momo – “Peach.”
Kuro – “black”.
Hana – “flower.”
Koko – “Short.”
Shiro – “White.”
Sora – “heaven”.
Fuku – “Happiness.”
Mei – “Nice.”
Kai – “Ocean or Shell.”
Chibi – “Tiny”.

If you look at the list, you will notice: Japanese cat names are rather short. They often have only one vowel. That sounds flattering in cat ears and the chance that a cat will listen to a Japanese name is high: Cats love names that contain the syllables “ei”, “ai” or “i”.

japanese cat names male

Japanese cat names: Male

There are many beautiful names for hangovers in the Japanese language. The following list contains the best names for male cats that the language has to offer – from the ultra-masculine “Katsuro” to the gentle “Hoshi”.

Akemi – “Beautiful dawn.”
Akio – “Magnificent man.”
Daiki – “Great nobility.”
Hibiki – “Echo”.
Hikaru – “charisma”.
Hiroshi – “Generous.”
Hitoshi – “Even tempered.”
Isamu – “Courage.”
Kaito – “Supporter.”
Katashi – “Festival”.
Katsuro – “Victorious son.”
Kazuto – “Harmonious Person.”
Kenta – “Big and strong.”
Kiyoshi – “Purity”.
Kouki – “Light or Hope.”
Kunio – “farmer”.
Michio – “Man on a trip.”
Minoru – “truth”.
Mitsuo – “Shiny hero.”
Ninja – “Ninjutsu Master”.
Nobu – “belief”.
Norio – “man of the law”.
Raiden – “Thunder and lightning.”
Ren – “love.”
Riku – “Wise Heaven.”
Ryu – “dragon”.
Samurai – “Japanese warrior”.
Satoru – “daybreak”.
Takeo – “warrior hero”.
Tomi – “Wealthy.”
Toshi – “wise”.
Yasushi – “Peace.”
Yoshio – “Joyful Life.”
Yori – “trust”.
Yuzuki – “Gentle moon.”

The best way to find a suitable Japanese cat name for your cat is to take a close look at the meaning of the different names. This way you will find out which one could fit your sofa tiger particularly well.

japanese cat names female

Japanese cat names: female

Cats are unique little personalities and have very different characteristics. Some are rather cute and playful, others are the secret rulers in the household. Fortunately, Japanese cat names and their meanings are so diverse that a suitable name can be found for every cat.

Aia – “ruler”.
Arisu – “Noble”.
Ayame – “Iris.”
Chieko – “Child of Wisdom.”
Emi – “Nice blessing.”
Haru – “spring”.
Hime – “Princess.”
Hina – “sun”
Hoshi – “star”.
Ichika – “gift”.
Izumi – “fountain”.
Jin – “Tender.”
Junko – “In.”
Kayda – “Little Dragon.”
Kichi – “Happiness.”
Kimiko – “Empress Child.”
Kyoko – “respectful child.”
May – “dance.”
Maiko – “child of dance.”
Midori – “green”.
Miku – “Beautiful sky.”
Mitsu – “light”.
Moriko – “Child of the Forest.”
Nakano – “warrior”.
Nanami – “Seven Seas”.
Riko – “Child of Truth.”
Rin – “Worthy.”
Sakura – “Cherry Blossom.”
Satoko – “Wise Child.”
Setsuko – “Melody Child.”
Shinju – “pearl”.
Suzu – “Bell.”
Takara – “sweetheart”.
Tomoko – “intellect”.
Tomomi – “Beautiful friend.”
Yasuko – “Child of Peace”.
Yoko – “Sunlight.”
Yua – “Authentic Love.”
Yuka – “Gentle flower.”

Many of these names have traditional feminine meanings, such as gentle flower, or princess. Japanese, however, encompasses a wider range of female personalities, and so names can also have meanings such as ruler or intellect. If your new cat is more daring than petite and tender, you still have many options to find a suitable Japanese cat name for it!

japanese anime cat names

Japanese anime cat names

Japan is known for anime, the distinctive Asian cartoon style that has fans around the world. In the list below you will find names of cats from well-known and popular anime series and anime films:

Goku – From ‘Dragon Ball -Z.’
Vegeta – From ‘Dragon Ball -Z.’
Gohan – From ‘Dragon Ball -Z.’
Naruto – From ‘Naruto’.
Sasuke – From ‘Naruto’.
Hinata – From ‘Naruto’.
Aang – From ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.
Sokka – From ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.
Katara – From ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.
Toph – From “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.
Kora – From “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”.
Asami – From “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”.
Mako – From “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”.
Bolin – From “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”.
Milo – From “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”.
Totoro – From “My Neighbor Totoro”.
Doraemon – From ‘Doraemon’.
Nyan – From the game ‘Nyan Cat.’
Ichigo – From ‘Bleach’.
Rukia – From “Bleach”.
Orihime – From “Bleach”.
Misa – From ‘Death Note’.
Ryuk – From ‘Death Note’.
Shinji – From ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’.
Rei – From ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’.
Asuka – From ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’.
Misato – From ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’.
Kirito – From ‘Sword Art Online’.
Asuna – From ‘Sword Art Online’.
Suguha – From ‘Sword Art Online’.
Yuzuru – From ‘Angel Beats’.
Kanade – From ‘Angel Beats’.
Hideki – From ‘Angel Beats’.
Takamatsu – From ‘Angel Beats’.

Anime names allude less to certain characteristics of a cat than do other cat names in this article. Nevertheless, the recognition value for anime fans among cat lovers could certainly be the decisive factor in choosing just such a name.

kawaii cat names

Kawaii cat names: cute, cute, adorable

Much in Japanese culture is known to be particularly cute or “kawaii”. So it makes sense that many Japanese like to name their cats after things that are also cute. Some of these Japanese cat names are actually adorable! Who doesn’t think about spontaneously renaming their cat?

Ai – “love”.
Aiko – “Little love.”
Akachan – “Baby.”
Akina – “Spring Flower.”
Chika – “Scattered Flowers.”
Cho – “butterfly”.
Chotto – “Small”.
Etsu – “joy.”
Hanako – “Flower Child.”
Bunny – “Sunny.”
Hashi – “chopsticks.”
Himari – “sunflower”.
Ichigo – “Strawberry.”
Kamu – “Tough.”
Kanmi – “Sweetie.”
Karikari – “Crunchy.”
Kei – “blessing”.
Keiko – “worshiper”.
Kegawa – “fur”.
Kioko – “Happy.”
Kin – “Golden”.
Koneko – “kitten”.
Maru – “Plump.”
Mausu – “mouse.”
Minako – “apple tree”.
Mochi – “rice cake”.
Oishi – “Delicious.”
Pinku – “Pink.”
Rini – “Little Bunny.”
Rozu – “Rose”.
Saki – “Blossom.”
Satu – “sugar”.
Sayuri – “Little Lillie.”
Shai – “Shy.”
Shizuka – “Quiet.”
Suki – “Beloved.”
Sushi – “Sushi.”
Suzume – “Sparrow.”
Udon – “thick wheat noodle.”
Ume – “Plum Blossom.”
Watage – fluff. “
Yamu – “Delicious.”
Yosei – “fairy or spirit.”

Even if your new cat is a little devil, some of these lovingly meant names could be a fitting, sarcastic allusion. What could be nicer than giving a small scratching brush the name of a cute kitten?

japanese black cat names

For black cats: Japanese black cat names

While black cats (Japanese: ‘Kuro Neko’) are considered messengers of misfortune in Western cultures, they are popular lucky charms in Japan. This is because in ancient Japan it was believed that black cats can effectively ward off bad luck. For this reason, there are numerous names that are intended for black cats:

Akumi – “The Darkness.”
Amaya – “Night Rain.”
A – “dark”.
Anri – “Dark Jasmine.”
Shark – “ashes”.
Hatsuki – “moon flower”.
Hotaru – “Firefly”.
Kage – “shadow.”
Kaguya – “Shining Night.”
Kuroguro – “deep black”
Makkuro – “pitch black”
Mayonaka – “Midnight”.
Mika – “New Moon”.
Mokutan – “charcoal”.
Sumi – “Black Ink”.
Sekitan – “coal”.
Susu – “soot.”
Tsuki – “moon”.
Tsukiko – “moon child.”
Yami – “Darkness.”
Yamiyo – “Dark Night.”
Yasha – “Night Devil.”
Yoru – “night”.

Night rain, dark jasmine, shiny night? Hardly anything is more poetic than Japanese cat names for animals with black fur!

japanese names for white cats

Japanese names for white cats

Japanese names are also great for emphasizing the look of a snow-white cat! Words such as light or ice seem quaint in their Japanese translation.

Akari – “light”.
Akira – “Hell.”
Awai – “pale”.
Deiji – “Daisy.”
Fuyu – “winter”.
Fuyuko – “Winter Child.”
Gin – “Silver.”
Iguru – “Igloo”.
Kiri – “Mist.”
Kitsune – “White Fox”.
Kori – “ice cream.”
Kumo – “cloud”.
Mashiro – “Pure White.”
Miruku – “milk”
Misuto – “fog”.
Miyuki – “Nice snow.”
Reiki – “Lalt.”
Shimo – “Frost”.
Sunoboru – “Snowball”.
Tenshi – “angel.”
Tsurana – “icicle”.
Yuki – “Snow.”
Yukiko – “Snow Child.”
Yurei – “spirit or soul”.
Yuri – “Lily.”
Goat – “Ivory.”

Snow child, white fox? Don’t many of the names sound like they were taken from a Japanese fairy tale?

japanese names for red cats

Japanese names for red cats

Everyone who has a red cat knows that the animals are sometimes a bit stubborn. Japan also offers many unique names for these cat personalities that go perfectly with red velvet paws.

Aka – “red”.
Akahana – “Red Flower”.
Akane – “Brilliant Red.”
Aki – “autumn”.
Anko – “Red Bean Paste.”
Azuki – “Sweet Red Beans”.
Cheda – “Cheddar Cheese.”
Do – “copper”.
Gorudo – “gold”.
Kabocha – “pumpkin”.
Kaede – “maple”.
Kasai – “fire”.
Kohaku – “amber”.
Kōkai – “Red Sea”.
Koraru – “Coral.”
Kyou – “Apricot.”
Mikan – “Orange (fruit).”
Orenji – “Orange (color).”
Sabita – “Rusty.”
Shinku – “Purple.”
Shoga – “Ginger.”

Gold, purple, or amber are perfect for cat owners who are looking for a Japanese yet noble name for their cat.

japanese names for gray cats

Names for gray tabby and brown cats from Japanese

Did you know? There is a Japanese scientist who is convinced that cats know their names! Reason enough to give a gray tabby (or brown) cat a melodious name. And who knows, maybe it means a good omen and your cat will always listen to you from now on?

Amondo – “almond”.
Beju – “beige”.
Buchi – “Tabby.”
Choco – “chocolate”.
Kasshoku – “Brown.”
Kokoa – “cocoa”.
Komugi – “Wheat.”
Kosho – “pepper”.
Kuri – “chestnut”.
Kurumi – “walnut”.
Natsumegu – “nutmeg”.
Reo – “Leo.”
Shima – “stripes”.
Shinrin – “forest or forest.”
Tafi – “Toffee”.
Tanuki – “badger”.
Torah – “Tiger”
Toro Chan – “Little Tiger”.

Did you find the perfect name for your cat in our list? If not, read on here: Find a cat name with meaning: The ultimate guide to the perfect name.